Friday, April 1, 2011

Return from the wilderness.

I participated in the 6th Borneo Debating Competition last week. It was my first external competition since 2005 and my first competition in three years. Pardon the trivial trivia, it's part of my Free School culture to take competitions very very seriously. It's great to compete again.

I learned how to debate a month ago. So I had my work cut out during the past month. Went to the main campus in Kota Kinabalu to learn from the members of the Debate Club. I daresay I learned more in those two days than all the 3 weeks of preparation in Labuan. With all due respect, they have more members and the resources to learn and improve. Not trying to put down anyone here.

Went as an adjudicator for the competition, which meant it was even more difficult for me as you need to be an experienced debater if you want to be an adjudicator. More to follow...

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